Food products

Food product is a perishable cargo, required a very delicate handling and compliance with all the shipping norms and standards that enables to prevent its spoilage.

Generally, reefer containers are used to ship this type of cargoes, providing highly favorable conditions to store and transport practically any type of food products (hard cheese, fruits, fish, seafood, dairy, pastry, frozen and fresh vegetables, semi-finished meat or fish goods, drinks etc.). Reefer containers allow to ship seafood from any sea port, to transport fruit and vegetables from their homegrown country and also some ready-made food products.   

Quick food products delivery via container shipping of high-quality

Reefer containers hold low temperature, which enables to ship any food products, including semi-finished and ready-made goods. It should be noted that this container equipment is a multipurpose packaging that can be also used to ship other products apart from food products. Our reefer containers temperature range: -30C to +30C. 


Liquid cargoes shall be shipped in tanks.  This type of containers is used to ship cargoes with specific requirements regarding transportation conditions, which ensures to comply with all the required shipping standards.

How we work


Request from client


Quotation to the customer. Drawing up a contract, with prices

Placing of cargo

Placing an order with the agent abroad

Arriving at the port

Preparation of documents, consignments and shipping manifests ,customs clearance

Transfering to railroad

Order telegrams GU-12 container placement on the railroad platform and shipping, cargo tracking


Extension of invoice

Delivery of cargo

Arrival to the station, delivering cargo to the customer's warehouse


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