Raw materials

Raw material shipping is a demanding challenge

In case of failure to comply with the shipping standards and regulations stipulated by law, punitive damages and transportation refusal may be imposed to a carrier. According to the law, bulk solids shall be shipped in special containers, trailers or tanks (if required). The type of chosen container depends primarily on special features of a cargo.   

Tank containers are used to deliver liquid goods and chemicals. Other types of containers cannot be used to ship this category of cargoes – such transportations will be designated as unlawful.

Dalfes Co. provides cargo shipping services for the following groups of raw materials:

How we work


Request from client


Quotation to the customer. Drawing up a contract, with prices

Placing of cargo

Placing an order with the agent abroad

Arriving at the port

Preparation of documents, consignments and shipping manifests ,customs clearance

Transfering to railroad

Order telegrams GU-12 container placement on the railroad platform and shipping, cargo tracking


Extension of invoice

Delivery of cargo

Arrival to the station, delivering cargo to the customer's warehouse


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