Our company has established cooperation with seven largest Chinese ports, including Shenzhen, Shanghai, Ningbo, Huangpu, Dalian and Tinjin, Quindao.

International container shipping to China is one of the major business areas of Dalfes Co.,Ltd.  Cooperation with the globally known well-equipped ports enables us to comply with the highest standards of international shipping to this country.

The network of business partners across the whole territory of China as well as at ports and railway terminals of Russian Far East allows us to deliver cargo within a short time, to provide all required custom processing and additional services

Nowadays, China is the most powerful country regarding the volumes of goods production. Products of practically any category can be made and shipped from China – household appliance and electronics, home goods, clothes and others. To deliver different categories of products, we use certain types of containers that ensure safe cargo delivery to the place of destination.

Dalfes Co. offers a service of door-to-door delivery – we collect goods from a Chinese factory and then deliver it directly to your warehouse.

You need shipping from China?

Most common goods:
  • потребтоварыConsumer goods.
  • оборудованиеEquipment
  • сырьёRaw materials
  • автомобилиCars and machinery
  • электроникаElectronics
What is the price?

иконка Китай Shanghai (China) стрелка иконка Россия Moscow$4000/5000

иконка Китай Shanghai (China) стрелка иконка Россия Moscow $4000/5000

иконка Китай Shanghai стрелка иконка Россия Moscow $4000/5000

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