Customs Processing

To make cargo transportation easier and to save our clients from potential complications, Dalfes Co. logistics and cargo forwarding company offers a set of customs processing services, required a certain qualification to be performed.

The list of relevant services includes cargo insurance and protection; loading and unloading operations; execution of transport documentation; freight route planning and optimization.

Customs processing, which is the most demanded and popular service related to international container shipping, is also enlisted.

Customs processing and customs clearance are quite complicated procedures, requiring a careful and comprehensive approach to be done properly.

To complete customs processing successfully, firstly, you must pay attention to the international shipping contract which should be properly formulated. Further, you need to declare the transaction certificate and other documents (e.g. payments for the goods), invoices confirming the cargo is permitted to be shipped abroad and etc. You may also have to declare some unusual documents, e.g. excise stamps for alcoholic products.


How we work


Request from client


Quotation to the customer. Drawing up a contract, with prices

Placing of cargo

Placing an order with the agent abroad

Arriving at the port

Preparation of documents, consignments and shipping manifests ,customs clearance

Transfering to railroad

Order telegrams GU-12 container placement on the railroad platform and shipping, cargo tracking


Extension of invoice

Delivery of cargo

Arrival to the station, delivering cargo to the customer's warehouse


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