Tank Container

Tank containers are suitable for the transportation of liquids, gases and some powder products. Tank container is composed of vessel mounted in a frame.

20' T11 20' T11 20' T50 gas
Unloading lower Upper 11,638 х 2,282 х 2,557
Weight of the empty container, kg от 3600 от 3600 от 3600
Maximum load, kg 26 000 26 000 26 000
Full weight, kg 30 000 30 000 30 000
Volume, sq.m. до 26 000 до 26 000 24 000
Work pressure 4 бар 4 бар от 15 бар

Tank containers are vessels designed for liquid, gas and chemical cargoes transportation on long distances. These reliable and convenient units are used to ship loads by rail, sea, air or road.  Our tank containers are built to the ISO Standards, featuring the following dimensions: weight – 2.44 m., length – 6.06 m., height – 2.59 m. Tank containers on market differ from one another, owing to the materials and structural features of a particular item offered by a carrier.

Generally, tank containers are made of stainless steel. Their cubic capacity usually ranges: 20000-21000 Litres. For chemicals loads transportation, we use unusual tank containers that are fitted with safety valves designed to limit increasing pressure. While storing at warehouse, tank containers can be stacked one of top of another. Tank container can be loaded from the top or through the manhole.

How we work


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Placing of cargo

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Preparation of documents, consignments and shipping manifests ,customs clearance

Transfering to railroad

Order telegrams GU-12 container placement on the railroad platform and shipping, cargo tracking


Extension of invoice

Delivery of cargo

Arrival to the station, delivering cargo to the customer's warehouse


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