Flatrack Container

FLATRACK is a platform container equipped with end walls. These containers are suitable for long and heavy loads, vehicle service parts, equipment, buses, trucks, air engines and other heavy consolidated loads.

20' FLatrack 40' FLatrack
Internal dimensions, m (length/width/height) 5,888 х2,345х2,365 12,030 х 2,345 х 2,365
Weight of the empty container, kg 2 250 3 810
Maximum load, kg 28 230 26 740
Full weight, kg 30 480 30 480
Volume, sq.m. 32 65.3

Flatracks are composed of steel frame and two end walls. The frame is covered with wood floor, which enables to ship specific cargoes without covering it with sealed top. Flatracks may feature fixed or collapsible end walls. To provide cargo transportation on a particular distance and to facilitate shipping operations, several cargo flatracks can be stacked on top of one another.  For such purpose, container must be equipped with stable and solid end walls, which is essential for secure transportation.

These containers are widely used to ship small-sized loads as well as out-of-gauge cargoes. The main advantages of flatracks’ shipping are affordable prices and possibility to use additional details (e.g. stanchions). 

How we work


Request from client


Quotation to the customer. Drawing up a contract, with prices

Placing of cargo

Placing an order with the agent abroad

Arriving at the port

Preparation of documents, consignments and shipping manifests ,customs clearance

Transfering to railroad

Order telegrams GU-12 container placement on the railroad platform and shipping, cargo tracking


Extension of invoice

Delivery of cargo

Arrival to the station, delivering cargo to the customer's warehouse


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