Container Shipping

The profile of our company is container cargo shipping through the major transport hubs of Central Russia, Russian Far East and Asia.

A cargo, loaded to the container, contains various nomenclature items. The items may vary in size, shape, weight and other features, though the container itself is multipurpose and therefore is suitable for secure transportation of any type of cargo on any distances.

Dalfes Co. offers favorable terms and ensures high-quality services, regardless the length and complications of the route.

There is no need in repacking loads if you chose container shipping.  Container with the load will simply be transferred from one mode of transport to another one. Such easy operations help to save time, money and reduce labor costs. Considering the benefits mentioned above, container shipping has become one of the most preferred transportation ways in the world.

Dalfes Co. LTS offers standard containers for cargo shipping:

And also a variety of on-purpose containers, including:

Container types

GP Container

Most commonly used type of shipping containers

Open Top

Vertical loading


Suitable for long and heavy loads


Container is transportable refrigeration equipment

Tank Container

For the transportation of liquids, gases and some powder products


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